Accurate accounting which takes into consideration the client’s interests has been IMG Numeri’s priority since its inception. All of the branches that have joined us over time share this ideal. We make every effort to offer a modern, high-quality service.

We make sure that our specialists are up to date on software, taxation, legal and, naturally, accounting developments. IMG Numeri has made significant investments to develop  digitisation systems that facilitate operational processes.

Numeri´s core purpose is TO BE THE GUIDE FOR BUSINESSES by providing our customers the best of knowledge and tailored solutions.

To evolve into a leading accounting  services provider and set the pace in our sector in the Baltic States.

In our field of expertise, we strongly adhere to three values:

"First of all, the success roots in the consciousness and then materializes, but never in the other way."


We deliver trustworthy communication and cooperation
We achieve results with modern solutions
We value precision and time


We are open and curious
We value and share experience
We value learning and welcome feedback
We notice and support each other


We see challenges as opportunities to develop
We appreciate diverse opinions
We encourage self-care and healthy lifestyle
We keep an optimistic attitude



Numeri makes considerable investments into developing IT-systems, with an aim to use e-invoices and automatic transfer of documents, both between the customer and Numeri, as well as between the client’s different units. The goal of all branches merged with us has been to provide accurate accounting services and a service which is based on the customers’ interests. We will continue focusing on quality, and for this we train our accountants pursuant to the international accounting standard IFRS and local legislation.

About our history

Eventus EA, the oldest branch of Numeri, started operating in October 1992. Since the beginning, Eventus EA has focused on servicing foreign companies that invest in Estonia or companies with foreign capital involvement, being one of the first exporters of services in Estonia. Throughout its period of operations, Eventus EA has been among the leading accounting service providers in Estonia and has significantly shaped the business practices and service culture of the field. Eventus EA signed a merger agreement with IMG Numeri on 1 October 2012 – the 20th anniversary of the company.

IMG Numeri itself originates from the accounting department of IMG Konsultant, a tax and financial consultancy company founded in 1996. In 1998, it was decided that in addition to taking care of their own financial matters they would also start offering an accounting service to other companies. This was a smart, well-timed decision, as within just a few years IMG Konsultant became one of the leaders in its field, offering services mainly to financial and holding companies.

In 2005, the accounting department of IMG Konsultant joined the accountancy office Dexter. Established in 1998, Dexter focused on offering its services to rapidly developing Estonian companies, which in turn contributed to the growth of the company itself. IMG Numeri, the new brand created as a result of the successful merger, quickly rose to be among the top three Estonian accounting firms and has been operating profitably since 2006.

The successful mergers to date have encouraged the company to expand even further. Just before merging with Eventus EA, IMG Numeri bought Hansaconsult, a company offering business establishment and accounting services. Hansaconsult is continuing its operations as a subsidiary of IMG Numeri.

Our leaders

Our leaders are high level professionals in finance consultancy. The team of 20 professionals perfectly understands the nuances of accounting and we believe that perfectly arranged finances are the bases of any business success.