Tax-related accounting is a field which can really give you a headache – it seems difficult and often ends up in unpleasant surprises. Thus it is of crucial importance to choose a professional and trustworthy tax adviser, someone punctual, with specific knowledge and the ability to keep up with the changes in legal documents, and to understand them.

We offer versatile tax advice, e.g.

  • smart tax solutions based on national legislation,
  • recommendations and solutions for concluding agreements of cooperation, selling or buying real estate, etc.,
  • adjustment of VAT and tax norms, etc.

 As additional services to our customers, we provide:

  • HR services – communication with the Health Insurance Fund, payroll services, preparing HR documents, counselling, employment disputes, etc.,
  • credit administration service – an overview of a company’s financial indicators increases the company’s profitability and prevents possible risks (creditworthiness, efficiency monitoring, risk of bankruptcy and fund structure, ratios of cost benefits, and financial independence),
  • archive services – organizing and temporarily preserving initial documents,
  •  administrative services,
  • remote user service, which grants the client access to the accounting information,
  • mailbox service for companies that do not have an office space.