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Instead of sending Christmas cards, IMG Numeri supports building a new home for the polar bears in the Tallinn Zoo

Since fall 2015, IMG Numeri has been the godparent of two great gray owls in the Tallinn Zoo. This popularly known owl was on Numeri’s logo for several years, but in 2015 the company underwent a thorough visual upgrade, which is uniformly suitable for the identity of the company operating throughout the Baltic region.

In addition to a representative collection of the owl, which has been displayed in the lobby of IMG Numeri office, for the employees and customers to admire, the company wanted to maintain contact with this proud and wise bird in other ways.

Numeri employees have visited the Tallinn Zoo many more times after becoming godparents, and a special bond emerged with its residents.

Before Christmas, the question came up again and again in which manner to remember business partners and customers, and to convey good wishes to them? This year, Numeri management was in agreement and instead of spending money on gifts and cards, the money could be directed to a charity project.

In the evening of tribute to the godparents organized by the Society of Friends of Tallinn Zoo, a note was made of the sad state of the polar bears at the Zoo and for the already an ongoing project “New home for the polar bears.” Without further ado, it was decided to contribute to improving the tight living conditions of the polar bears.

One does not have to wait for Christmas for doing good deeds and noticing those in need, but it is certainly an appropriate time to start.
Peaceful Christmas and a joyful New Year from IMG Numeri!

Photo by Maaja Kitsing