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Exciting new solution for vehicle log books

IMG Numeri solves the accounting-related issues of its clients on a daily basis.
Documenting car usage and compiling vehicle log books are problems for many companies.
There is now a solution to this problem, thanks to our client and partner.
The solution is LOGIFY.
This mobile application developed in Estonia is a convenient alternative to using an Excel to log car usage-related data. It is also considerably cheaper than the additional GPS devices service solutions offered by competitors.
Logify mobile application is initially free, but Logify plans to introduce a small charge in the future for using the cloud service.
Before becoming a payable service, we will inform our clients and you will be able to choose a suitable Logify package. We are convinced that everybody who is interested can find a package to suit their needs.

Logify mobile application stores your trip information automatically and you do not need to enter the starting and ending information of your journey.
It is sufficient to install the free application on your Android phone and introduce it via the handsfree system to your vehicle. If you are iPhone user or don’t own a handsfree set, you need an iBeacon device for application use.

The iPhone version for Logify will be available soon, it works with the handsfree-system and iBeacon will no longer be needed.
After an introduction of just a few minutes, you can start your journey and just forget about Logify until the next report. Of course, it is also possible to keep track of your trips during the period between the vehicle(s) reports, but it is not required.
The Estonian Tax and Customs Board also accepts Logify logbook data.
To analyse the data and produce reports, you need a web application that can be found on the following website

Estimated price after the trial period.

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