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Digital accounting – a change in technology and way of thinking

How does our customer benefit from it?

Time and again the crises remind us that only those who are flexible and constantly look some steps ahead are those who survive. The same goes for the digitalisation that some time ago was just an opportunity, but for today, has become an actual need. There is really no field anymore that would not face a need to digitalise or automate its processes.

We use technological solutions that help save your time

As an accountancy firm we feel the digital need all the time, almost in everything we do. We involve our customers and our customers involve us in various digital matters, since being accountants we no longer handle just financial issues but increasingly also the implementation, testing and daily configuration of technology. This is simply because the era of paper documents is coming to an end and the information that used to move on a paper is now moving digitally from one location to another. Also, software enables automation of standardised activities or preparation of reports that correspond to the actual needs of customers. Thereby we create the prerequisites for the next major step in development – real-time accounting.

We support our customers in the creation or amendment of digital habits. We understand that the force of habit is great, but all the more so we are ready to consult the customer and support in technological questions. With the help of our accountants, you can run your document flow and monthly reporting in a way that you will not have meet your accountant for handing over the documents, but instead, for discussing your thoughts or the results of your company, or for asking financial and tax advice.

We are accountants, but most of all your guides in financial matters.

Our accountants have university degrees and the same high-quality financial knowledge as the specialists of any other field of economy. Historically, the visible part of the accountant’s work for an entrepreneur has been a paper, entered data and preparation of basic reports. In fact, your accountant is much more capable. Have you thought, who is this person besides you who has the big picture and detail about your corporate finances? Who is actually your right hand in your financial matters? And who do you contact first, if you have a tax question?

It seems to us that as accountants, we are sometimes overwhelmed with paperwork, so that our actual capability sometimes gets buried behind it. We are glad that digital accounting helps shovel ourselves out of this stack and we can offer our customers a service that they actually need today.

Thanks to digital solutions, we can focus more on our customer’s business and contribute to providing financial and tax advice to them. We can see that the skill ceiling of an accountant is not just a black and white Excel income statement, but something way more profitable and analytical, such as the profitability analysis of the customer.

We want to listen to our customer and advise them on financial and tax matters and be ready to support the customer in implementing new technological solutions and changing the habits. We want to give our customers peace of mind and assurance that the finances of its business are okay.

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