A story about how Numeri is committed to the excellence by mutual growing and a positive mindset

Last year, it became clear that Numeri’s values ​​needed to be reviewed, the dust wiped off them and perhaps reworded. And that we did – in a few months and with the help of the Barrett model, our values ​​were renewed.

Commitment to excellence

Mutual growth

Positive mindset

These three values ​​are really with us every day and everywhere.

The process of creating new values was undoubtedly very interesting, but it also became clear that the most exciting part was yet to come.

We started to develop the culture of the organization based on new values. So that dedicated and satisfied employees can create even more value and operate and grow in a company’s changing environmental sustainability.

One great way to keep our values ​​and focus is to choose value ambassadors in the company, and we announced them on Numeri’s 29th birthday.

We believe that the key to our success and durability is good cooperation between colleagues who have recently joined us and those who have a longer history with the company, who all share our values.

We know and have experienced the strong influence of a good word and positive attention, so we are happy to share a short summary of the characterization of Numeri’s value ambassadors collected from colleagues and the views of the ambassadors themselves on their election.


The ambassador of commitment to excellence was elected to be Marta, who has worked at Numeri for 14 years.

Marta’s colleagues describe her as an accountant with the courage and will to serve a complex business model and a very demanding client. She always sees the big picture and thinks along with the client and is able to offer good IT solutions in addition to accounting services. It is important for Marta to work efficiently, and she is always happy to share her knowledge with colleagues.

Shared values and a strong culture make Numeri’s life unique and help achieve our goals better. We value our people, their skills and experience. While developing values, we are affected by the environment, but we ultimately choose them ourselves. Each of our employees has hidden potential and we may not be self-aware of our own strengths. Therefore, it was also surprising for Marta to be elected an ambassador of values.

She is proud and gladly takes and shares responsibility for the recognition she has received. Marta is sure that the level of dedication and passion with which she does her work shows how motivated she is to achieve her goals. The work she does clearly shows her values and priorities.

In conclusion, Marta believes that commitment to the best results, positivity and joint growth towards the future will guide and encourage each of us to contribute to our development.



Liivi, the ambassador of mutual growth, has worked at Numeri for 3 years.

According to colleagues, Liivi is open, curious and dares to experiment. She is an active collaborator and participant in Numeri’s activities. She always involves and inspires others and is also eager to learn and share her knowledge with others. Liivi takes the time to familiarize herself with the customer’s needs and find the best solution, commitment leads to the goal.

As a relatively new team member, such recognition was rather surprising and unexpected for Liivi. While discussing why colleagues brought her forward, Liivi thinks that probably because she dares to ask questions and at the start of serving new customers, she takes time to understand the processes so that the work would go smoother later.


Leena, the ambassador of a positive mindset, has worked at Numeri for 18 years.

Leena is one of our most dazzling colleagues and a great communicator who does not leave her opinion and ideas to herself. It’s always good to talk to her. She is cheerful and encourages others to be positive.

For Leena, too, the title of ambassador came as a big but a very pleasant surprise. This was unexpected for her and she would like to thank every colleague who nominated her. She always tries to be positive and act according to our values.


With such positive thoughts, we are happy to celebrate our 30th birthday in the autumn.